revive your .PSD thumbnails in Windows Explorer

This is an old trick, but since I recently formatted my drives and started with a clean install of Windows XP, I no longer had the ability to view .PSD thumbnails within Windows Explorer without the use of third party software. Not that the third party thumbnail viewers are bad, but it’s easier to view them while passing through in Windows Explorer rather then opening a secondary application.

The reason behind the missing .DLL? Well that’s simple. Removing the .DLL enabled Adobe to persuade you to using Adobe products such as bridge, or lightroom to view thumbnails of Adobe files. So in short, if you’ve got Adobe Photoshop CS or above and you can’t see your thumbnails through Windows Explorer, here’s a small .rar file for you to download. Instructions are included on what to do to make it work. Oh, BTW this .rar includes both .PSD and .AI thumbnail fixes.

It is however, recommended that you set a system restore point before you attempt the fix since this does edit some registry values, and we all know that editing the registry even in a seemingly simple way could cause a butterfly effect and end up being bad news.

Download File: [aiicon.zip – 154kb]

The link to the original blog posting from http://www.aeonity.com is here


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