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as seen on TV. the “rocket” fishing rod”

Well I thought I had seen all the wacky fishing gizmo infomercials until this advertisement popped up on my television tonight. “Fogo Sports” ( designed a pump action fishing rod which will cast at a distance of up to 30ft; safely and accurately.

The “device” looks like a Nerf toy modeled around a sawed off shotgun. For only $29.95 you’ll get a “rocket fishing rod“. Indeed a pretty good idea, If my son was older I would think about purchasing one for him. Anyway, check it out at Not the best site, doesn’t really have much infor except for what is on the main index with a video clip of it in action. What will they think of next?


new photoblog…

I’ve created a photoblog at Feel free to check it out. There’s only 2 photo’s there right now…Not great ones, just some photo’s I had taken while on a trip to GA to get the photoblog started. Now I need to start taking some pictures more often, and hone my skills a little bit.

Also, I say sign up for one. They are free, and unlimited. It’s a pretty fun concept.